Hungry Hungry Hippo

Well, not sure how hungry it was but it had its face pressed against the glass and was staring at me for a few seconds.



Skinker DeBaliviere

A few shots from a walk in the Skinker DeBaliviere neighbourhood with Photo Flood St. Louis.

28 Skinker DeBaliviere 21 Apr 2018

34 Skinker DeBaliviere 21 Apr 2018

08 Skinker DeBaliviere 21 Apr 2018


Last weekend I was out with Photo Flood STL in the Penrose neighbourhood in St. Louis. It was snowing quite good and just as we were wrapping up things we ended up at an old school that is closed up. This tricycle was sitting outside and I had to get down low to get the shot I wanted.


I survived my first Shutterfest!

I survived my first Shutterfest! I’ve known about it since it’s inception four years ago but this was the first year I could actually attend due to school and other commitments. It is an amazing experience to be around so many other photographers who are all so excited to be there and to learn. There was some sensory overload at first and at the end just exhaustion. But I’ve already got my ticket for next year and am inspired to do more with my photography.

iphone shutterfest