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Paint Louis 2016

Almost every year there is a graffiti artist gathering in St. Louis along the flood wall south of the Gateway Arch. Artists from all over the country converge and paint the wall with the approval of the city. There are some wonderful works created. This particular piece is by an artist called Norm4eva.


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Smile! Hadn’t realized just how busy I have been lately until I looked at my last post. Between taking care of the family, school, and the new job not a whole lot of free time to do photography. But I finished up my paper for the term so the next 2 weeks in school will be a breeze. Hope to get out and shoot some this weekend. In the meantime smile!


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Paintlouis 2014

Today was the last day of Paintlouis 2014 along the flood wall south of the Arch. I went last year and loved seeing the artwork that is created with just spray cans and paint rollers. Here are just a few photos from the talented artists who have spent all weekend working their magic. More photos can be found on my Flickr site.

Paintlouis 19

Paintlouis 06

Paintlouis 20