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Was given a tip about some baby owls over in Blackburn Park in Webster Groves. I let some friends know who live nearby and they were able to get lots of shots. Finally I was able to go over and see them for myself. This little guy is the largest of the three and was in the branch above the nest. The other two were hiding in the hollow. They are just so cute and it is wonderful to see these youngsters getting ready to fledge completely.

Getting ready to fledge//

The Trio//

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King of the Mounds

I hadn’t been to Cahokia Mounds in a while but I wanted a change of pace from shooting birds so I went looking for deer. There is a herd of 200+ in the park. They are safe there and are pretty used to people walking the trails. This buck was keeping an eye on me as I took his photo and eventually moved off to put a bit of distance between us.

King of the Mounds//

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Taking a bite

Ended up being a busy photography weekend though I didn’t think it would. Went to the Pumpkin Glow in St. Charles on Friday. Was able to get a few pictures before it just got way too crowded to even move down there. This was their first year doing this so hopefully next year it will be a bit more organized. Then it was time for Witches Night Out in Lebanon last night. Still going through those photos but here’s one from the Pumpkin Glow.

Taking a bite

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Green Heron

Another early morning out shooting. Got some nice shots at the Watershed Nature Center in Edwardsville then decided to head to Horseshoe Lake State Park. That turned out to be a good move. I spotted this Green Heron among the rocks. Normally they are pretty skittish but I was able to get up real close while he just ignored me. This lasted about 10 minutes before he decided he had enough of me and moved on.

Green Heron//

Green Heron//

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