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Scenes from a Sunday drive

Went out hunting for Bald Eagles this morning but didn’t have any luck. However it was a great day for other types of wildlife. I ran into this coyote hunting at the Columbia Bottoms Conservation area just north of St. Louis.



As I was heading home I swung by Cahokia Mounds and spotted a herd of deer. I took a short walk out into the grounds and saw a big herd of deer. Here are a couple of the bucks that were resting up.

Cahokia Mounds Buck

Keeping watch

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Sunset over the rails

I noticed the sun setting last year over this set of railroad tracks near my home. The next few days were cloudy so I didn’t see it again. So I checked the Photographer’s Ephemeris and found the dates that it would happen again. Last night was the first of three days during the year when this occurs. The weather was cooperating last night so I was able to get this shot.

Railroad sunset

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Smile! Hadn’t realized just how busy I have been lately until I looked at my last post. Between taking care of the family, school, and the new job not a whole lot of free time to do photography. But I finished up my paper for the term so the next 2 weeks in school will be a breeze. Hope to get out and shoot some this weekend. In the meantime smile!