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Hannibal Missouri

The wife and I spent a nice relaxing weekend in Hannibal Missouri. As we were walking around I saw this old Packard on the street. I loved how it looked against the old store fronts. The colour version is nice but I felt it looked and felt better in black and white.

Old car in Hannibal//

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Green Heron

Another early morning out shooting. Got some nice shots at the Watershed Nature Center in Edwardsville then decided to head to Horseshoe Lake State Park. That turned out to be a good move. I spotted this Green Heron among the rocks. Normally they are pretty skittish but I was able to get up real close while he just ignored me. This lasted about 10 minutes before he decided he had enough of me and moved on.

Green Heron//

Green Heron//

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Sunrise on the Mississippi

Since Monday was Labor Day I decided once again to get up early and go out to get some photos. I had been doing nature shots the last few days but wanted to get some sunrise shots so I headed up to Alton IL to a spot that I know is great for reflections on the river. Ran into my friend Marty and we were in place. This fisherman was on the river and I wanted to get his silhouette in the sun’s reflection. Had to jockey my position and wait but I got the shot I wanted. Was able to get some other great shots but this was my favourite of the day.

Fishing at sunrise//

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Hello little one

Another wonderful morning out shooting wildlife and nature in the local area. Today I went to the Watershed Nature Center in Edwardsville. I had done shooting up there yesterday and wanted to go back. Just as I was finishing up I ran into this little fawn hiding in the grass. It was a bit wary of me but continued eating the grass for a few minutes then decided it had had enough of me and it took off. It is getting shots like this that make getting up early on my days off worth it.

Hello there//

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Friday Morning Shots

Since I have the day off, and my camera is back from the service center I went down to Cahokia Mounds and Horseshoe Lake this morning to get some photos. The deer were out in the park and I was able to pretty much walk right up to them. Lots of people were walking and running through the park and they deer didn’t seem to mind. Besides the deer saw lots of turkeys too. At Horseshoe Lake got to see plenty of Great Blue Herons and as a bonus two Little Green Herons. Not too bad of an outing.

Doe & Fawn//