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They grow up so fast…

Since I had a day off I went over to Blackburn Park in Webster Groves to see the young owls while they are still hanging around the nest. Two of them were in the trees while the youngest was still in the nest. It was so much fun watching them soaking up the sun and testing their wings. Mom was close by keeping watch on them. It won’t be long before the youngest is out of the tree with its siblings.

Last one in the nest//

Fledged Owl//

Fledged Great Horned Owl//

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Was given a tip about some baby owls over in Blackburn Park in Webster Groves. I let some friends know who live nearby and they were able to get lots of shots. Finally I was able to go over and see them for myself. This little guy is the largest of the three and was in the branch above the nest. The other two were hiding in the hollow. They are just so cute and it is wonderful to see these youngsters getting ready to fledge completely.

Getting ready to fledge//

The Trio//

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Rocky the Wren

A rare (for this area) Rock Wren had been spotted at the Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary a couple of weeks ago. I’ve been up there a couple of times but only shortly and hadn’t seen him. So I got up early this morning determined to spend some time looking for him. Just as we were about to go try somewhere else Rocky finally showed up. The light was good and he posed on the rocks for us for quite a while.

Rock Wren//


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Riding the thermals

This hasn’t been the best year for Bald Eagles here in the St. Louis region but we do have some around. Today was a very warm day and there were lots of thermals along the Mississippi River between Alton and Grafton. We spotted six of them and I was able to get a few shots. This one was just soaring around on the currents looking majestic and beautiful.

Riding the thermals//