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All Love Is Equal

This shot says it all from the PrideFest parade in St. Louis today. It was a great parade and lasted over 2.5 hours. The crowd was friendly and with the Supreme Court decision on Friday the mood was even more festive. My transgender daughter walked with her group for the first time. It’s been an eventful year for us as a family but we love and support each other. Events like this make us realize we’re not alone in what we’re going through. Not sure what the future holds for us but love will get us through it no matter what.

All love is equal

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The Big House

Went with some friends yesterday to the Missouri State Penitentiary in Jefferson City to take some photos. It was an interesting place with lots of photo opportunities. Unfortunately it was so hot and humid that I found it hard to concentrate on taking photos. I also needed to leave early but I did manage to get a few decent shots. More shots on my Flickr site.

The exterior in fisheye

Prison exterior fisheye

Cell Block

Cell Block

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Rain, rain, go away!

It has been a very wet spring here in the St. Louis area. I am sick of the rain and we’ve got more coming tonight. I don’t look forward to the heat and humidity but just some dry time would be nice. This poor bun was hanging out underneath our swing in the yard to escape the rain. At least he’s keeping somewhat dry.

Trying to stay dry

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Had to go watch the Peregrines one last time. The chicks are fledgling and those of us watching them aren’t sure how much longer they will be around. The parents are still quite protective of them. Got some action shots today of the adults attacking some turkey vultures that were getting just a bit too close to the nest. Wish I could have gotten some sharper and cleaner images but they move so fast and the lighting wasn’t good at all. None the less it was amazing to watch them in action.



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Taking a break

I put some fresh nectar out for the hummingbirds and it didn’t take long for this little guy to show up. Summer has arrived here in the St. Louis area and it’s hot and humid. I’m sure this little guy needed a break.


Hummingbird resting

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