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Hi There Brother

All of the rain we have had lately hasn’t just flooded the Mississippi river. The forest around Cahokia Mounds is flooded too. These two bucks were hanging around on one of the mounds to escape the wet ground. They didn’t get far from each other the entire time I was watching them.


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King of the Mounds

I hadn’t been to Cahokia Mounds in a while but I wanted a change of pace from shooting birds so I went looking for deer. There is a herd of 200+ in the park. They are safe there and are pretty used to people walking the trails. This buck was keeping an eye on me as I took his photo and eventually moved off to put a bit of distance between us.

King of the Mounds//

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Friday Morning Shots

Since I have the day off, and my camera is back from the service center I went down to Cahokia Mounds and Horseshoe Lake this morning to get some photos. The deer were out in the park and I was able to pretty much walk right up to them. Lots of people were walking and running through the park and they deer didn’t seem to mind. Besides the deer saw lots of turkeys too. At Horseshoe Lake got to see plenty of Great Blue Herons and as a bonus two Little Green Herons. Not too bad of an outing.

Doe & Fawn//



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Purple Martins

Just saw a Purple Martin in the backyard this evening. I have set up a new Purple Martin barn for them but have been battling the sparrows and starlings trying to setup house in it. But it appears they are back and hopefully the barn with fill up with them. They’re great at keeping the mosquito population down though they like to dive bomb you when out at the garden. They particularly like to pick on our dog Cookie. This shot isn’t from the backyard but instead is at the Cahokia Mounds Interpretive Center last weekend. They have a large structure of man-made gourds setup there for them.

Purple Martin

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Scenes from a Sunday drive

Went out hunting for Bald Eagles this morning but didn’t have any luck. However it was a great day for other types of wildlife. I ran into this coyote hunting at the Columbia Bottoms Conservation area just north of St. Louis.



As I was heading home I swung by Cahokia Mounds and spotted a herd of deer. I took a short walk out into the grounds and saw a big herd of deer. Here are a couple of the bucks that were resting up.

Cahokia Mounds Buck

Keeping watch