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Kind of a lazy day around the house today as it was another hot and humid one out. As I was watering the plants this evening I noticed the hummingbirds were active. By the time I was done it was getting dark and they had slowed down but I was able to get this one decent shot with the flash.

Canon 7D, Canon EF 70-200mm F/4.0 L USM with Sunpack PZ42X at F/9.0, 1/200, ISO-400 at 188mm

Ruby Throat flash

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My son and I went out today to get the last of the STL250 birthday cakes that are in place. Technically there are 251 at the moment with two bonus cakes to go out in the near future. But the goal of seeing them all has been met. It’s been an adventure and I’ve seen places in St. Louis and the region that I would never have seen without this celebration going on. I’ve made some friends with fellow cake hunters and have enjoyed seeing their photos too. Here is yours truly with #251. I know the sign says #250 but this was the last one (Grant’s Farm) so it got the honor.

small Mike Grant's Farm cake



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There are only a few days during the year that the sun sets through the Arch. This is that time of the year. A bunch of fellow photographers and I went down last night and took photos. I didn’t get the shot I wanted though. So I went down tonight and got the shot I wanted, the sun setting and visible through the Arch. Next I need to figure out when the full moon is between the Arch legs.


Sun through the arch

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Window in Elsah

Still going through a photos from last weekend’s walk in Elsah Illinois. When I saw this window and the interior I had to take shot of it. I had to do it at an angle to get the scene. The little lamp and crooked windows on this old building are part of the charm of Elsah. I’ll be back in the fall when the leaves change.

Elsah Window

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It has been a while since we’ve had a decent lightning storm for photos. Last night was one of them. I’ve gotten pretty good at setting my camera up for the shots. The trick is getting it pointed at the right area and just taking as many shots as you can. One out of ten come out with something you can use.

Lightning 2  Lightning 3 Lightning 4 Lightning 5 Lightning 6Lightning 1

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The hummingbirds are quite active tonight. I just filled up the two feeders a couple of days ago and they were both empty so I made an extra large batch of sugar water for them. I love watching these little guys zipping around. Sometimes they buzz my head just to let me know they are there.

HB02 HB05 HB03 HB04 HB01