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High Water

Some friends and I went down to the Mississippi River in front of the Arch Saturday to get some photos of the river as it crested in the current flood. While not at the 1993 level it is the second highest level on record. This shot of the Lewis and Clark statue sums it up pretty well; the river is high!

Clark waving at us

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Warning Water on the Road

The understatement of the year. This is from Alton Illinois, taken on the 1st of June. The red line is the height of the water in the record flooding of 1993. As of today the waters of the Mississippi have exceeded the 2nd highest level on record and are expected to peak at 39.2 feet, which will be short of the 1993 level of 42.7 feet but bad enough for everyone living and working along the river. It will take a long time for the waters to come down, and for the area to recover.

Warning Water on the Road