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Had to go watch the Peregrines one last time. The chicks are fledgling and those of us watching them aren’t sure how much longer they will be around. The parents are still quite protective of them. Got some action shots today of the adults attacking some turkey vultures that were getting just a bit too close to the nest. Wish I could have gotten some sharper and cleaner images but they move so fast and the lighting wasn’t good at all. None the less it was amazing to watch them in action.



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Peregrine Falcons

Finally got around to going up to Alton and getting some shots of the Peregrine Falcons that are nesting there. Saturday was a wet day and I only saw one of the adults. Today went up and met some fellow photogs out shooting the nest also. Got to see both parents and one of the three chicks. It was very overcast today so the light wasn’t great but still got a few halfway decent shots. They are beautiful birds.

Dad coming in with a Swallow he had killed on the Mississippi River.

Peregrine Falcon with prey

Peregrine Falcon chick waiting for some food.

Peregrine Falcon Chick 31 May 15

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Eagle Call!

It’s that time of year when the Bald Eagles congregate along the Mississippi River between Alton and Grafton. This one was just sitting in the tree along the highway. Pulled over and got some shots. We drove up farther north and about an hour later came back by and it was still there. Lots of cars pulled over taking a look.

Hangin' Around

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Smile! Hadn’t realized just how busy I have been lately until I looked at my last post. Between taking care of the family, school, and the new job not a whole lot of free time to do photography. But I finished up my paper for the term so the next 2 weeks in school will be a breeze. Hope to get out and shoot some this weekend. In the meantime smile!