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The Wall

During a quick stop at the St. Louis Art Museum yesterday I noticed these half circles on one of the walls. I’m not sure if it was an exhibit or just part of the decor but I liked the look.


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Cake 252

Here is cake #252 for STL250’s Cakeway to the West cake hunt. Not sure if it went out Friday night or this morning but it’s a nice cake. Just across the street on the hill is the UMSL cake.

Express Scripts cake

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Paintlouis 2014

Today was the last day of Paintlouis 2014 along the flood wall south of the Arch. I went last year and loved seeing the artwork that is created with just spray cans and paint rollers. Here are just a few photos from the talented artists who have spent all weekend working their magic. More photos can be found on my Flickr site.

Paintlouis 19

Paintlouis 06

Paintlouis 20


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My son and I went out today to get the last of the STL250 birthday cakes that are in place. Technically there are 251 at the moment with two bonus cakes to go out in the near future. But the goal of seeing them all has been met. It’s been an adventure and I’ve seen places in St. Louis and the region that I would never have seen without this celebration going on. I’ve made some friends with fellow cake hunters and have enjoyed seeing their photos too. Here is yours truly with #251. I know the sign says #250 but this was the last one (Grant’s Farm) so it got the honor.

small Mike Grant's Farm cake