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The Chuck Berry House

On the latest outing with Photoflood STL we visited the Greater Ville neighborhood in St. Louis. This shot with Waffles is at the Chuck Berry house. The man lived here for quite a few years but much like the rest of the neighborhood it is in sad shape. There is so much potential in this area of the city but white flight and a lack of imagination and money will leave the area in disrepair.

Waffles at the Chuck Berry House  8 Dec 2018

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The Jamestown Mall

Some photos from the now defunct Jamestown Mall in north St. Louis. The mall closed for good in July 2014 but had been in decline for years. It was supposed to reinvigorate the area but never caught on because of the location. After it shut down it was broken into quite a bit by urban explorers and others. It is a place I had been wanting to get in to photograph but I didn’t want to trespass. A friend of mine who is also an urban explored got permission for some of us to go in and photograph it before it is finally torn down. It was quite a day to finally see it, but also sad. I will be posting more photos in the coming weeks.

Center Court


Jamestown Mall Food Court