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Grand Avenue & Bissell Water Towers

Here is a shot of the Grand Avenue and Bissell Water towers in north St. Louis. The Grand Avenue tower (closest in the photo) is the tallest free-standing Corinthian column in the world. It and the Bissell are standpipe water towers. Only seven of these water towers remain standing in the United States, three of which are in St. Louis. The third is the Compton Hill tower. They are beautiful structures and hopefully the city finds a way to preserve them.

Grand Avenue and Bissell Water Towers

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The Chuck Berry House

On the latest outing with Photoflood STL we visited the Greater Ville neighborhood in St. Louis. This shot with Waffles is at the Chuck Berry house. The man lived here for quite a few years but much like the rest of the neighborhood it is in sad shape. There is so much potential in this area of the city but white flight and a lack of imagination and money will leave the area in disrepair.

Waffles at the Chuck Berry House  8 Dec 2018

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Hannibal Missouri

The wife and I spent a nice relaxing weekend in Hannibal Missouri. As we were walking around I saw this old Packard on the street. I loved how it looked against the old store fronts. The colour version is nice but I felt it looked and felt better in black and white.

Old car in Hannibal//

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The Goldenrod

On Sunday I was fortunate to go take some photos of the Goldenrod Showboat near Kampsville Illinois. It is a former showboat that used to frequent the St. Louis area. It had fallen on hard times and was sold for scrap. A group trying to preserve it had bought the boat and anchored it on the Illinois river. During the flooding this year they had to moor in a different spot but when the waters receded it didn’t settle on flat ground and it buckled the hull beyond repair. So now the group is salvaging what they can of the interior for a possible museum. For a couple of hours I and a few other photographer friends got to shoot inside the old lady and preserve a few memories. More photos on my Flickr page.

The Goldenrod
The Goldenrod//


The Stage
Goldenrod Stage//