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Taking a bite

Ended up being a busy photography weekend though I didn’t think it would. Went to the Pumpkin Glow in St. Charles on Friday. Was able to get a few pictures before it just got way too crowded to even move down there. This was their first year doing this so hopefully next year it will be a bit more organized. Then it was time for Witches Night Out in Lebanon last night. Still going through those photos but here’s one from the Pumpkin Glow.

Taking a bite

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Witches’ Night Out and Sunset

Tonight was Witches’ Night Out in Lebanon Illinois. I’ve been going since 2010 and it always a lot of fun. Not as many witches’ this year unfortunately. Not sure why but the weather was perfect. I wish they held it on a Saturday night instead of Sunday.

On the way home there was a beautiful sunset as I was going down the back roads towards home. I was able to stop and get a shot of the settings sun through this tree.

WNO2014 01 Sunset 26 Oct 14

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Randy’s House of BBQ

It has been a very wet, damp and stormy day, pretty crappy in general. A big storm moved through, tornado sirens going off so we had to spend time in the basement. What really got me was people of Facebook complaining about the local television station interrupting Days of Our Lives to show the storm track. Never mind that an actual tornado touched down and damaged some homes. Never mind that the tornado passed over where I live and was continuing north. Oh no how dare they interrupt Days of Our Lives. Wankers!

Regardless, earlier I had lunch with my son at Randy’s House of BBQ which is less than a quarter mile from my house. They have excellent barbeque and I hadn’t been there in a while. Since the weather wasn’t cooperating I didn’t get out to take pictures like I wanted but was carrying my camera and got this shot of an old sign inside the restaurant.

Pepsi Sign