Taking a bite

Ended up being a busy photography weekend though I didn’t think it would. Went to the Pumpkin Glow in St. Charles on Friday. Was able to get a few pictures before it just got way too crowded to even move down there. This was their first year doing this so hopefully next year it will be a bit more organized. Then it was time for Witches Night Out in Lebanon last night. Still going through those photos but here’s one from the Pumpkin Glow.

Taking a bite

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Witches’ Night Out and Sunset

Tonight was Witches’ Night Out in Lebanon Illinois. I’ve been going since 2010 and it always a lot of fun. Not as many witches’ this year unfortunately. Not sure why but the weather was perfect. I wish they held it on a Saturday night instead of Sunday.

On the way home there was a beautiful sunset as I was going down the back roads towards home. I was able to stop and get a shot of the settings sun through this tree.

WNO2014 01 Sunset 26 Oct 14

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