Hungry Hungry Hippo

Well, not sure how hungry it was but it had its face pressed against the glass and was staring at me for a few seconds.



Skinker DeBaliviere

A few shots from a walk in the Skinker DeBaliviere neighbourhood with Photo Flood St. Louis.

28 Skinker DeBaliviere 21 Apr 2018

34 Skinker DeBaliviere 21 Apr 2018

08 Skinker DeBaliviere 21 Apr 2018


Taking a walk at lunch around Scott Air Force Base I got a chance to take a picture of the Luftbrücke. It is a sculpture commemorating the Berlin Airlift. There is a companion piece to this, which is located at the former Rhein Main Air Base in Frankfurt Germany, where I was also stationed in the mid-90s. It is a testament to the men and women who kept the supplies flowing to the city of West Berlin during the blockade. If you are ever on the base stop and get the chance stop to take a look.