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Stretching his wings

01 RTH Chick 2015_

Last year I found out about a Red-tailed hawk nest that was close to my house. There were three chicks in it last year and they were fun to watch. Well this year they are back and they have three chicks again. They grow pretty fast and you can see one of them in this photo stretching his wings. One of the other has its head poking up and the smaller one is hiding. I imagine in a couple of weeks they’ll be big enough to go out on there own.

#redtailedhawks #birds #nature #illinois #midwest #canon



Originally from Oregon and after a career in the Air Force I ended up settling down in the St. Louis area. I have always taken pictures but seven years ago I decided it was time to really start learning the art of photography. Between work and family what little free time is spent out exploring the region. I am fascinated with nature, the man-made world and the interaction between them. This is especially apparent in all of the urban decay that exists in St. Louis. Nature is reclaiming so many areas while the people who live there do their best to hang on. I also have a degree in Graphic Design so patterns, shapes, and textures also speak to me.

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